Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catedral de Sal

     Another cultural activity did with my school was go to a town called Zipaquira to go see the Salt Cathedral. Zipaquira is about an hour and a half from Bogota, so not a long bus ride, though it makes is very interesting to be launched into the air every time we hit a bump or pot hole.

The whole cathedral was full of crosses like this, made from the salt and lit up buy different colored lights, usually blue or purple.


This was the biggest attraction, the sanctuary with rows of pews at the bottom and at the end the cross.


You could also see angels carved into the stone and salt throughout the cathedral, some were hard to see, up high and behind other things but this one was out in the open, right above the main sanctuary.

This was really cool, they managed to create a pool of water in the salt. When i first saw it i though it was just a deeper part of the cathedral, but it was just the reflection of what was above. If you looked close enough at the edges, you could see little crystals of salt sticking out.

If i remember correctly,  if you get tired while walking up these stair it means you have sinned,  but if you don't get tired then you have not. The stairs started off at normal sizes and near the end they suddenly became huge!!
Do you think i was tired or not?


  1. How beautiful, this is something I have never seen before.
    Love Grandma

  2. Did you figure out the carving on the big cross before you saw it up close?

  3. What makes the chamber in picture #1 blue? Is it the chemistry of the salt itself or colored lamps?

    1. Just lights, most of them changed from blue to purple to green to pink or yellow