Saturday, March 31, 2012

Museo del Oro

I will apologize ahead of time for the lack of writing here, it is mostly just pictures.

          A couple weeks ago, I went to the Gold Museum with my school. The Gold Museum is downtown near La Candelaria, an older part of town. It's near many shops and a small flee market area. In the Gold Museum is, of course, lots of gold. Lots and lots of gold.  And everything has been molded into things by ancient tribes of Colombia.


Here is one of the directors giving us a nice lesson on Colombia

The museum set of this little scenery for people to take pictures in front of, but you had to crouch down low.


This I thought was really cool. It was a bunch of glass panels with different parts of this picture to make it look like you could walk into this scene.

After all the gold exhibits were these photos of various people, right on top of a map of Colombia

And one last photo for the road.