Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Bucaramanga. Isn't it a funny name? Bucaramanga. But Barrancabermeja is worse I think. It took me a week to be able to pronounce Barrancabermeja. But that's not where i went. I visited family in  Bucaramanga, a growing city in the department of Santander, north of Bogota. It's supposed to be hot but when I was there it really wasn't. It rained a little everyday, cooling everything down to a comfortable temperature.

We went to a small town called Floridablaca where we ate the best obleas on the face of the planet. Oblease are thin wafers with a filling of your choice. Here i go the Chocoblea which had cream, arequipe and a nutella-like chocolate.

We visited the town of Lebrija, the pineapple capital

It's heaven for Psych fans! look at that pineapple!! They were everywhere!!

I have no idea what they were pointing at but I liked the photo.

Mmmmm chocolate covered apples and strawberries

Water and juice in a bag? What?

The pineapples we bought here were some of the best I've ever tasted.

On the way back we stopped at a little park where you could do zip lines and four-wheelers 

And you could walk on water in big gigantic bubbles!!!

It was hot in there, especially after five minutes of rolling around and attempting not to fall and actually falling

I fell. Mutiple times.

The small town of Giron!

My aunt and uncle took me to a place called Aguachica where they owned a small farm, and this was on the way where we ate lunch.

Hey I went there!!

My uncle has a monkey!!

He was really cute but i have no idea what is name was. My uncle just called him 'boy'

These are the horses on the farm of my uncle's brother

It's safe!

Botanical Gardens near Bucaramanga

Can you believe that this was the first squirrel I had seen in almost eight months?

Enjoying myself on the hammock in my cousin's bedroom

We also went to the National Park of Chicamocha, home of the second largest canyon and here we stopped to get a first look of the park

We could see the park from there

We took a cable car to get to the park

The monument at the park.

Oh no!


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  1. Welcome back to your blog!
    I want to hear more about the monument at the park. Those statues are amazing. What card games are you playing there anything new?