Monday, September 10, 2012


Well hello there! Did you miss me? I'm in Brazil now and I realized that i haven't updated my blog in months, so i'm here now to catch everyone up on what I've been up to!

I'll start off by saying that I did a bit of travelling to various parts of Colombia. I went to the coast with a couple friends and the moment we got out of the airport we were frolicking across the beach. We all had been in Bogota for months where it rains everyday and is no where near the beach, so we were eager for some fun in the sun. This first place was a very small town called Taganga. And I do mean small. I think it took about 20 or 30 minutes to walk (slowly) from one end to the other.

Our hostel, La Tortuga (or The Turtle) was nice, with three floors, the top being with a bar and hammocks. The first night we stayed they were having a party where we met an Irish couple, an man from Holland and an Australian, so you can already tell that there will be foreigners of all kinds here in Taganga.

View from our hostel
Pretty, no?

The next day we were at the beach at lunch-time enjoying the extreme heat and mild water while eating lunch under the shade 

And watching all the vendors go by with bags of hand-crafted jewelry, baskets of fruits, and other goodies

We also made sure to check out Santa Marta, a small city about 15 minutes away by car. Unfortunately is was rainy and not a very good day to go sightseeing so we didn't stay very long.

The next day we decided to check this cafe that everyone had been telling us about, Cafe Bonsai. This cafe was amazing, they made the best fresh bread daily, even throughout the day they would be turning out new kinds of bread. Everything they served was delicious as well. From the chocolate banana smoothies to the egg salad sandwich or the BBQ they did every day from 6-10. We came back every day to the point that the waitresses knew our orders and we made friends with other American regulars by playing cards.

It also had air-conditioning.

On the coast of Colombia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It's called Tairona Park.  My friend Beth and i decided to go here after our new Cafe Bonsai friends told us about it. So we bought tickets for the boat ride and decided to take the bus back so that we could see the whole of the park. 

Here is my friend Beth and our Cafe Bonsai Friends

One of our friends decided he wanted to collect his own coconut water so he disappeared for 20 minutes and came back with these. He then continued to fail for hours trying to open these with a pen. He did some how find a pipe lying on the ground and managed to crack one open.Why there was a pipe lying on the ground I have no idea. It could have been an ax though.

I conquered that rock!

With just a couple day left in Taganga Beth and I went back to Santa Marta to give it a third and final chance of approval, as we had gone for diner there after returning from Tairona Park and once again did not have a great experience and the venders would come to our table trying to sell things and then would walk away muttering insults at us for no doing so. And as they say, third time's the charm. The day was sunny and hot, we managed to haggle prices down to be reasonable from the street vendors for little charms and gifts and we even found a small museum about the city.

Action shot!

The water looked like it had flakes of gold in it :)

I love the designs on these old stamps, don't you?

Our last night by the beach and we got to see this beautiful scene

Last walk on the beach before heading to the airport. It was quite gloomy and dark that morning, do you think it was sad we were leaving? Hahaha :)

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