Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So as my last Colombia post, I decided to put together some photos that may or may not have already made it to the blog of great times and some of my favorite people that i met during my time there.

Sometimes the 'still getting ready' photos are better than the 'ready' photos 

They almost fell

It was a tickle attack!!


I swear we did learn in class!

We played catch with the kid over his thumb

 So two English men, two Brazilians, two Americans, two Colombians, an Australian and a German walk into a bar...

Lying on the tile floor is an amazing way to cool down after a ridiculously hot and sunny day at the beach

Can you see my unhappiness? My hammock had just broken, dropping me onto the floor. That is not a happy camper right there

 I wonder what he was telling her

Best friends forever?
I think so

Try as he did he never made that shot.... even though he had a thousand chances

Bathing caps are the new black!

Sunblock, yummyyyy

And so now I say my final goodbyes to Colombia and hello to Brazil. I had an amazing experience in Colombia, and am already enjoying Brazil!


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