Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So i just realized that I ordered these last blogs incorrectly. I went Bucaramanga last, so this should have been before it, but oh well, it's here now :)

The second trip in Colombia i made was to get to know cousins i have in a city called Cali. It was extremely hot, so after taking an hour long walk through the city you would want to go home to shower and then take a very much needed nap.

I wasn't there very long, just four or five days, but i thoroughly enjoyed each day. The first day we left at twelve and returned about an hour later exhausted from the heat.

We pretty much had to climb a mountain to see this statue. But when we got up there we ate some delicious shaved ice with fruit, and sweet condensed milk.

El Gato

Las Novias del Gato, or The Girlfriends of the Cat, many artists were asked to create a girlfriend for the original cat and each one came up with a different design. This artist went through the Bible and wrote every single animal that was mentioned. The cat isn't mentioned once.

Apparently the spikes on this cat were valuable as there were areas of missing spikes

Very small museum in the middle of the city, there were only three rooms and a courtyard

The courtyard of the museum

Walking through downtown Cali

La Colina was the oldest bar in the neighborhood where my cousins lived

If you ever wanted to know what any soda or beer bottle looked like during a certain time throughout the years you could just walk inside and look behind the bar. It was like a history lesson. On bottles

On my last day we went to a 'mariposario" or something along those lines.... it was a butterfly farm!

They reused coke bottles for herbs and other small plants :)

I wish I knew what these were because they they smelled wonderfully, as if i had just opened a jar of honey.

Many schools take their students here so they have built this awesome area at the entrance, on the left is a rock climbing wall, then after, you go into those tunnels

And come out here!

Here they have a map of Colombia because if you go up

they are constructing a climbable Colombia in the ground! With mountains and lakes and rivers and everything!

I think one of those is Lake Guatavita

And then you get to see this awesome view!

And there we go! My last trip in Colombia

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