Tuesday, May 15, 2012

La Bomba

Today at about 10:50AM there was a bombing about 5 streets from my school where I was at. I just wanted to write a quick update saying that I am alright since i have received a couple of worried emails making sure I was ok.  I am perfectly fine. I was on my coffee break at the school when we heard the bomb, but since  there are many university protests around our area we assumed it was just that. I did not find out until later that it was an actual bomb.

And for some information about the bombing from local news. The bombing supposedly targeted a former rightist Colombian minister ( still politically active with a radio show) and involved a passing bus. According to the news,security videos show a passerby attaching the bomb to the door of the former ministers car and was seen on footage though disguised. The former minister survived with minor shrapnel wounds, however 5 died and at least 30 injured. Apparently there was another bomb earlier today in the south but it was deactivated and dismantled before it could go off. It's not sure if the 2 bombs are connected or who it was though it is thought to be one of the guerrilla groups, FARC.

Driving through the city after the bombing, I saw that it was completely empty since most jobs closed or sent their employees home around 3 or 4. Normally it take an hour and a half to get home from Downtown Bogota at 6 pm but it took about 30 to 45 minutes since everyone had already gone home. Also the area where the  bombing happened, which is the street of my way to school and back was closed off and crowded with police.