Thursday, May 10, 2012

Museo de Botero

The same day that Beth and I stumbled upon the protests, we were enjoying a quiet afternoon walking around the Botero Museum. Fernando Botero was a Colombian painter and sculptor born in the early 1930´s, and many of his works can be seen in this museum. Ranging from drawings to paintings to statues, the museum holds more than 120 pieces of Botero´s as well as others.

Here is Botero's version of the Mona Lisa

'Guerrilla de Eliseo Velasquez'

'El Louvre, Mañana Brumosa'
Camille Pissaro

'Broadway Bus on Liberty Street'
Richard Estes
Can you tell this is a Painting?

'El Principio'
Antoni Tapies

´Bust of a Woman´
Salvador Dali
(Beth´s favorite)

The rest of these i don't remember the names of...

This one was my favorite, I think.

Last one!
Don't forget to check out the slideshow to see more paintings from the museum!

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